Workshop 4: Determine an Action Plan for the Community Consortium

Purpose – Rationale 

  • The fourth workshop brings together representatives of all stakeholders in a consortium to design and launch an action plan for joint interventions towards the promotion of CQL.  

  • A focus group meeting will be held with the coordinators from each participating organization.


  • Participants (stakeholders’ representatives) will: 

  • Assess, fine tune and prioritize attainable tasks for the promotion of CQL within the consortium of stakeholders. 

  • Formulate an action plan for the promotion of CQL for all children within and around the school community. 

  • Launch activities towards the realization of the action plan.

Target Group/ Audience/ Participants:

  • Coordinators from stakeholder organizations


  • Teachers/ Teacher Trainers & Promoters

  • Promoters are students, parents and other members of the community, who are actively involved as a core group in the PAR project.


  • Computer and Projector

  • Power point presentation with editable action plan templates. 


  • 3 hours

Activity 1: Establishing the aim and objectives of the consortium


The facilitator and promoters present the first draft of the aim set for the consortium focusing on promoting Quality of Life for all children in the community within and around the school. This aim is discussed with all participants, clarified and finalized. Objectives are also formulated to realize the aim based on the SMART criteria:

  • Specific – well-defined and clear

  • Measurable – including measurable indicators to track progress

  • Attainable – realistic and achievable within the available resources.

  • Relevant – aligned with other goals and the aim.

  • Timely -in a realistic time framework

Activity 2:  Defining Tasks and Timeframes

The facilitator and the promoters present a list of all the possible tasks defined previously by all stakeholders. In order to make them as clear as possible, they:

  • filter them as necessary (relevant and irrelevant tasks)

  • prioritize them by setting attainable deadlines

  • decide about the recourses needed and whether these are available or not

For an example … click here

Activity 3: Visualization of the action plan


  • The facilitator and the promoters visualize the action plan in the form of a flowchart, a diagram, a Gantt chart or even a table that everyone can understand immediately.

  • The visualization is presented, and all necessary steps that need to be taken are summarized.

  • Responsibilities are clearly allocated. Promoters are paired with stakeholders to facilitate communication and smooth implementation of the action plan.

  • A follow-up session is set in one month to reflect, evaluate and redefine the action plan.