Workshop 4 5 activities

Activity 4: Define the indicators

  • Watch the video and creat a list referring to the indicators that were discussed in the video.
  • Discuss about this video in the forum chat.

The 11 indicators

Put the indicators in order starting from those you find most important in life

1. Education


2. Life satisfaction


3. Health


4. Environment


5. Work-life balance


6. Safety


7. Income


8. Money


9. Happiness


10. Civic engagement


11. Community

  • Why did you choose this order ? Explain your thoughts.

Activity 5: Mind Map

This is a Mind Map with some indicators.

Write the indicator and next to it write words/ sentences that come to your mind about it.

For example: What does safety mean to you? Can you refer to any examples of people in need of safety? How is safety ensured? How can safety affect QoL?  


Activity 6: Pin the map

Remember the 11 indicators that were mentioned in Activity 1. Look at the world map and think which countries face difficulties in relation to specific indicators. Write the country and next to it the indicator/s. Search the web to find evidence to support your opinion and put the text/image/videos you found next to your answer. 

Activity 7: Aspects of children’s Quality of Life

Watch the videos regarding violations faced by children around the world

Child marriage

Video assessed from

Access to clean water

Video assessed from

Activity 8: Aspects of children’s Quality of Life

Read the presentation regarding the state of the children around the world based on this report by UNICEF

Start a discussion in the forum regarding the presentation and videos. Refer to specific indicators of QoL under challenge focused on children. Are you aware of such situations? Give some examples.

  • Identify any violations regarding children’s QoL in your country and region.
  • Suggest ways to change the abovementioned situations. How likely is for the situation to change? What difficulties will be faced during the process?

Activity 9: Emma and Jose

  1. Read the stories of Emma and Jose
  2. Write the positive and negative factors about Emma and Jose lives.

Positive factors

Negative factors

  1. Considering the factors you used, can you describe which character do you believe has a better quality of life and explain you thought.

I conclude that ___________ has a better quality of life because_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

  1. Suggest ways/ methods to improve Emma’s and Jose’s QoL.

Activity 10: Tell us a story

Use the forum to write a story/ scenario similar to those used during Activity 2. Your inspiration should come from children in your country, children you met at their school or class. You might also refer to children facing special difficulties such as migrants, children from lower societal strata, children with disabilities. Explore other member’s stories and make comments. Find similarities or differences concerning the difficulties that children face from different parts of the world.

Activity 11: The Convention on the Rights of the Child

  • How has the Convention helped children’s quality of life?
  • Which improvements do you believe are the most important and why?
  • Use the forum to write what are the biggest challenges that children face today. Where should the government focus and how? You can also discuss with other members about your answers.