Workshop 2 3 activities

Activity 1: Quality of life: Top 25 cities for 2019

  • Watch the video regarding quality of life in various cities. Keep notes on evidence related to QoL, shown in the video
  • Refer to categories under which the words you wrote fall (e.g. school-education, crimes-safety, etc.)
  • Make a graph showing how each category affects QoL.


Access to education à career choices à job à salary à provide to family à QoL

Activity 2 :What does Quality of Life mean to you?

  • Name factors that affect your Quality of life (refer to both subjective and objective factors).
  • Categorize the factors into subjective and objective and then explain your choice

Subjective factors

Objective factors

Activity 3: Quality of Life in my city/country

1.Name your city and country:

2.Identify what is important to you regarding QoL and make a list


3.Compare it with the situation you are facing at your city/country

4.Find evidence to present the situation (e.g. photos, tables, numbers) and create a clip or PPT

5.Save your presentation

6.Discuss with other members about each of your presentations