Topic 4: CRC’s Content

The CRC is defined by 54 Articles, addressing specifically the needs of children, defined as the individuals from the day of birth up to 18 years old. The rights are divided into 3 main categories: protection, provision, participation (Council of Europe, 2012). The boundaries among the three categories may not always be clearly distinct, and as such, any strict categorisation of the rights in just one of the three categories might be inaccurate or unclear and at the same time out of the focus for those working in the field.  What the categories stretch out though, is that the CRC does not only address the protection of children as vulnerable individuals, but it also stresses the obligations of the States to provide children with the required means to grow, develop and participate in all aspects of the society. The CRC is also defined by four Principles:

a) Non-Discrimination,

b) the Best Interest of the child,

c) the Right to Life and Maximum Survival and Development, and

d) Respect for the views of the child (Hodgkin & Newell, 2007).