Topic – Participatory Action Research for the Promotion of CQL

Action Research, is a disciplined process of inquiry conducted by and for those taking the action. The primary reason for engaging in action research is to assist the “actor” in improving and/or refining his or her actions. Action Research generally, refers to a cyclical process including three basic, reoccurring phases (Johnson, 2012; Smith, Willms & Johnson,1997):

  1. Identification of the problem,

  2. Investigation, and

  3. Action

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Watch the video to find more about Participatory Action Research.

Watch the video to see an example of a PAR from the Vera Institute of Justice

Diagram about the “Phases and questions to consider in Participatory Action Research (Johnson, 2012; Smith, Willms & Johnson,1997)”

 Watch the following video to see an example of a PAR project in a school