Unit 5 Multiple Intelligences unit plan

In the last Unit you are asked to reflect and apply knowledge gained and evaluation and collaboratively design a unit plan to incorporate various intelligences to increase the benefits derived from exercise. Activities should promote the idea of active participation where students work in practical ways which mirror real world situations. Such simulating activities provide students with opportunities to immerse into real situations and experiment with real-world tasks, making learning relevant to studentsu2019 lives through meaningful learning, active participation and social engagement. This final product will also serve as the way to evaluate and assess your knowledge and skills gained from training.


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the components of creating a MI unit plan.

  • Value the importance of making a unit plan that integrates multiple intelligences in the light of promoting studentsu2019 active participation, social engagement and wellbeing.

  • Develop and construct a unit plan using the multiple intelligences.