Unit 2 Children’s Quality of Life

This unit introduces the term “quality of life”. It contains two topics and four workshops with  a total of 11 activities. The aim of this unit is for the participants to understand the concept, which factors affect our quality of life and which policies are implemented while observing how it differs around the world according to the country’s condition.


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the concept of quality of life
  • Outline the variations of quality of life around the world
  • Identify the factors affecting quality of life
  • Identify Quality of Life Indicators
  • Define the importance of each one of them in different countries
  • Recognize the particularities of the QoL regarding children
  • Describe the QoL of children around the globe
  • Comprehend policy and law-making for the improvement of children QoL
  • Present the QoL in specific areas of the world
  • Report policies implemented for the improvement of children’s QoL
  • Suggest other ways to improve children’s QoL